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CPC unveils new Identiquik RFID products

IdentiQuik Series Smart Couplings with RFID

RFID Connections are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled couplings with added electronics that measure and identify critical parameters. The IdentiQuik Series of couplings utilizes RFID technology to automatically identify fluid characteristics and capture data from point-of-origin to point of use. Used in a wide variety of applications, custom Smart Couplings are also available in hybrid connectors that deliver electronics and fluid with one tubing connection.

iPMC12 Series

iPLC / iPLC12 Series


CPC launches new line of medical grade fitting products

Medical-grade material meets the most stringent requirements such as USP Class VI, MEM elution, agarose overlay, hemolysis in vitro and USP physicochemical tests. These quick disconnect couplings are suitable for use in a wide variety of medical and biopharmaceutical applications.


AseptiQuik™ Sterile Connectors

SMC Polycarbonate Series